About the company and its mission

On the basis of rich and long-time experiences (20 years) in the fields of steel, aluminum, paper, chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as energetics, we offer optimal and innovative solutions or high-quality products from modern, ecologically acceptable materials.

Our know-how was built on the experiences of masters of tailoring and tapestry, upgraded with ambition, knowledge and constant learning about the newest modern materials and technologies, as well as the use of these in production, are the warranty for the quality of our products.

Our mission is the imposition of new modern materials and innovative constructs in technological processes to reach optimal results for the investor and the protection of people and the environment.

The passion of innovative thinking and work, realization of personal goals, happiness and excitement of subscribers, joy in the work and creation, and the responsibility towards future generations are the motivation that keeps us working toward new content and success. 

Excellent SME certifikat