High-quality and light protective cover for welding – high protection


Protective cover CARBON NSX CARBO 5.5CARBON NSX CARBO® 5.5 is a dual-layer light protective blanket meant for the protection of environment and equipment during hot work (welding, cutting, the use of open flame). It is made from reinforced nonwoven carbon fibers and carbon aramid fabric. The cover is lined and threaded with aramid thread as well as equipped with nickeled brass rings at the corners.

The lower layer is made of light reinforced and fireproof carbon fibers, which insulate the heat from spraying particles of molten metal excellently and are fireproof to a temperature of 1250°C for up to 30 seconds. The upper layer is made from a strong and inflammable carbon aramid linen, which is very resistant to abrasion and repels molten metal particles excellently.


CARBON NSX CARBO® 5.5 adheres to the following international standards:

  • EN ISO 11611 : 2008 Class 2
  • EN ISO 11612 : 2010 A1, A2,B4, C2, D3, E3,F1
  • EN ISO 1149-3: 2004
  • EN ISO 14116: 2008 3/SH/60
  • ISO 12947-2


Product and dimensions

  length (m) width (m) thickness (mm)
CARBON NSX CARBO 140 1000 55 1.0 1.40 5.5
CARBON NSX CARBO 140 1500 55 1.5 1.40 5.5 
CARBON NSX CARBO 140 2000 55 2.0 1.40 5.5
CARBON NSX CARBO 140 2500 55 2.5 1.40 5.5

*other dimensions to order


Color: black
Density: 980 gr/m2
Ring size: o 12mm



The technical data shows the approximate area of product use and must not be regarded as a warranty. Caution and control when performing hot work are always necessary. 


Technical data

CARBON NSX_CARBO_5_5_Technical_data (.pdf 417KB) 


CARBON NSX oxide polyacrylon. carbon /aramid

Structure twill fabric laminated fleece
Color black
Weight gr/m2 980
Standards EN ISO 11611:2008
  EN ISO 11612:2010A1,A2,B4,C2,D3,E3,F1
  EN ISO 1149:2004
  EN ISO 14116:20083/S/60
  EN ISO 13937-2:2001Pass
  EN ISO 15025:2000 Pass A1
  ISO 9151:1995 80kW/m2 B4
  ISO 6942:2002 B 20kW/m2 C2 Class 2
  EN ISO 9150 Class 1 >15 drops Class 2 > 25 drops
  EN ISO 1149-2 Pass
  ISO 1294-2 Pass


CARBON NSX oxide polyacrylon. carbon

Weight  gr/m2   200
Thickness mm 5
Breaking force N/5cm 90
air permeability  l/m2/s 200pa 1400
composition carbon 62%

nitrogen 21.5%

  oxygen 12%
electrical resistance Ohms cm   8 x 10 ⁸
flammability test oxygen index   ISO 4589, ASTM 2863
LOI index % 40+
Fiber size micron 12.5 





Edge band

fiberglass 0.18



brass/nickel o12

Excellent SME certifikat