INSUL CARBON NSX ARAM 5.5: light and durable dual-layer heat insulation


INSUL CARBON NSX ARAM 5.5 is a light dual-layer fireproof heat and sound insulation made from unwoven carbon fibers and light linen made from aramid fibers with a combined thickness of 5.5mm.

The bottom layer is made from light and fireproof carbon fibers, which insulate contact heat excellently and are resistant to flame up to 1250°C for 30 seconds.

The upper layer made of aramid fibers is resistant to wear and a constant temperature of 350°C. The insulation is lined and stitched with a black fiberglass or aramid thread.


Product and dimensions

  length (m) width (m) thickness (mm)
INSUL CARBON X ARAM 140 5000 55 5 1.40 5.5

other dimensions to order


Temperature area: 350°C
Thermal conductivity: 80 kW/ m2 ISO 9151 :1995
Color: black
Density of carbon insulation: 980 gr/ m2



The technical data shows the approximate area of product use and must not be regarded as a warranty. Caution and control when performing hot work are always necessary. 

Excellent SME certifikat