INSUL GLASS HT FIB AL SI 25 800 C: Tri-layered fire-resistant heat insulation - 800 C


INSUL GLASS HT FIBAL SI 800INSUL GLASS HT FIB AL SI 25 800 C is a tri-layered fire-resistant heat and sound insulation made of unwoven glass fibers and silica fabric on the hot side and aluminized linen made of glass fibers on the outer side, with a cumulative thickness of 25mm.

The inner layer is made of silica fabric constantly resistant to 1000°C and wool made of fire-resistant glass fibers that effectively isolate heat up to a temperature of 800°C.

The outer layer made of glass fibers is resistant to a constant temperature of 550°C, aluminized, which excellently reflect heat radiation.

The insulation is densely sewn over with an annealed aramid thread.


Product and dimensions

  length (m) width (m) thickness (mm)
INSULGLAS FIB AL HT SI 800 910 2000 25  2000 910 25 
INSULGLAS FIB AL HT SI 800 910 2000 13   2000  910  13 

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Silica fabric: 1000 C

Thickness and weight of fabric: 1,3 mm, 1200 gr/m2

Thermal conductivity of insulation: 800C 0,48 W/ mK

Fiber size: 10-14 micron

Loss at ignition: < 3 % DIN ISO 1887

Color: white

Weight of glass insulation: 2000 gr/ m2

Density of glass insulation: 166 kg/ m3

Fabric of glass fibers alu: 550 C

Thickness of fabric: 0,25 mm, 355 gr/m2 


Technical data

HI Silica fabric

Temperature resistance   1000°C constant
Temperature resistance 1400°C short-term
Composition SiO2  96%
Thickness   1.35mm
Weaving Satin
Weight   1200  gr/m2
Melting point  1650°C
Heat insulation mat HT2   800°C
Thermal conductivity of insulation   100°C 0,06 ; 800°C 0,48 W/mK
Fiber size 10-14  micron
Loss at ignition < 3% DIN ISO 1887
Color white
Weight of glass insulation 2000  gr/m2
Density of glass insulation 166  kg/m3
Chemical composition   SiO2  56 -62%
  AlO2  11 -15% 
  CaO  20-25% 
  TiO2  2-3%
Fabric glass 41_L AL 550 
Temperature resistance   550°C 
Thickness and weight of fabric  0,25 mm, 355 gr/m2 
Weaving plain  ISO 9354
Aluminum foil  20 micm,600°C
Glue aluminum/fabric   250°C


Thread K5/1 900

Temperature resistance 1000°C
Composition SS 1.481 / Kevlar
Thickness 0.4 mm

Excellent SME certifikat