Protective covers

Protective covers are meant for the protection of pipes, electrical cables and equipment against hot radiation, mechanical damage, liquid metal or glass.

We make covers to order from different materials: silica, calcium silicate, glass fibers, which are protected with a special smooth silicone coating resistant to hot melt on one or both sides.


Protective covers 


Materials used:

  • Alumina linen resistant up to 1300°C
  • Silica linen 96% SiO2, resistant up to 1000°C with a mineral coating resistant to liquid metal and hot spraying particles
  • Silica linen 96% SiO2, resistant to 1000°C with aluminum or inox (stainless steel) on one side
  • Linen made from silicate fibers resistant up to 700°C with a special anti-abrasion silicone coating up to 350°C
  • Linen from glass fibers resistant to 550°C protected with a special anti-abrasive silicone coating up to 250°C

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