Protective welding clothing to prevent the damage

Protective welding clothingProtective welding clothing must be produced only with the appliance of the best welding materials. There is no room for compromises in the production of protective welding clothing. Welder protection is of utter significance in the process of welding cutting and brazing. We offer only the best protective welding clothing (welding safety gloves, welding neck protection, welding arm protection etc.) and other welding protective equipment.


Protective welding clothing is created with cooperation

Having the best production and using the best materials is simply not enough in the business of protective welding clothing. Products, such as welding neck protection and welding safety gloves, are made in the process of cooperation between the producer and the user. Welding cutting and brazing is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Welding cutting and brazing demands perfect physical and psychological health, constant full concentration and, of course, the very best welding protective equipment. There are many health and safety hazards in hot work and metallurgic processes. Only the best protective welding clothing is good enough to sustain the pressures of the working processes.


Welding safety gloves sustain extremely high temperatures

Welding safety gloves are the state of the art product that must sustain almost unbelievably harsh working conditions. Several hours work close to melt with temperature of 1300° Celsius to 1600° Celsius, electric arc welding, and flame cutting demands only high-quality personnel who can cope with the challenges every minute of the work. Items such as welding safety gloves are absolutely essential in the welding cutting and brazing processes of work. Without such items welding cutting and brazing would be literally impossible. Our company is dedicated only to the highest quality of production. Nothing less is acceptable than the very best. Our customers are most demanding and we would expect nothing less.

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