Silica fleece

Silica fleeceSilica fleece made of silica fibers


FI 1000 SI B 160 SiO2 95% KL   


High-bearing temperature and sound insulating fleece. Laminated with aluminum foil 30 micron or without.


Technical data

Composition 94-96%SiO2,3-4 % Al2O3,CaO
Width 1000mm
Thickness 5-25mm
Weight per / 800- 4500 gr/m2
Coating /Lamination x / alu 30 microns
Fiber diameter 9 microns
Ignition Loss 5% DIN ISO 1887
Temperature resistance 1000°C
Thermal conductivity 0,17 W/mK (800°C)

Excellent SME certifikat