Quality protection for welding


SILTIG 1.4SILTIG® 1.4 is a one layered protective blanket meant for the protection of the environment and equipment during hot work (welding, cutting, use of an open flame). It is made from 96% of silica fibers, protected with an anti-abrasion coating, lined with an annealed aramid thread and fitted with nickeled brass rings on the corners.

It is resistant to a constant temperature of 950°C, endures much higher temperatures for a shorter time and has a melting point of 1600°C.


SILTIG® 1.4 is in accordance with the international standard for hot work:

  • JIS A1323 Class A
  • NES 807 Part 1


Product and dimensions

  length (m) width (m) thickness (mm)
SILTIG 091 1500 14 1.5 0.91 1.4
SILTIG 091 2000 14 2.0 0.91  1.4 
SILTIG 150 1500 14 1.5 1.50 1.4
SILTIG 150 2000 14 2.0 1.50 1.4

other dimensions to order


Color: brown
Density: 1250 gr/ m2
Ring size: o 14 mm


The technical data shows the approximate area of product use and must not be regarded as a warranty. Caution and control when performing hot work are always necessary. 

Excellent SME certifikat