VOD O-RING SEAL - endless O-ring seal for Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization chambers


Vacuum oxygen decarburization chamber



VOD O-ring seal insulation

Vacuum oxygen decarburization (VOD) – decarburization in controlled oxygen atmospheres inside VOD chambers – is an important metallurgic process in stainless steel refining.

We have developed a special vacuum seal for extremely harsh conditions that occur inside these VOD chambers (high temperatures, chemicals, heavy weight, molten steel residue …). A large O-ring (endless design) enables simple, fast and safe mounting onto the VOD chamber. It is also long lasting, economic and efficient.

Our references are happy customers from the SS melting sector.



VOD O-ring seal features

  • Sealing technology of HT shielded endless seal ring design
  • High temperature silicone core with added layer of resistance against drops of molten steel
  • High strength and excellent elasticity
  • Different seal sizes according to customer needs



Vacuum seal endless designVOD O-ring seal advantages

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Long lifetime
  • Quality deep vacuum
  • Good resistance against molten stainless steel drops
  • Safe and rapid maintenance – lower costs of installation and maintenance
  • No need for flaps usage
  • No fiber dust – environmentally friendly
  • Economical use
  • Diameter of the VOD O-ring seal can be adapted to specific VOD chamber size
  • Short delivery time



Product application

VOD - Sealing of VOD Vacuum Decarburization Chambers in stainless steel production

Sealing of large and heavy duty construction



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