High-quality and light protective cover for welding – top materials


WELD CUSHWELD CUSH 20 is a multi-layer soft protective insulation cover meant for the protection of the environment and equipment during hot layer.

It is used as insulation in the case of contact heat transfer (welding, cutting, use of open flame). It is made from a special fabric, which endures contact temperature up to 1300°C on the hot side, lined with insulation silica wool for temperatures up to 1000°C, aluminized glass fabric, annealed unwoven carbon insulation fibers and protective siliconized fabric on the cold side, with a cumulative thickness of 19mm.

The pillow is protected with an anti-abrasion silicone coating below and lines with an annealed aramid thread.

WELD CUSH 20 materials are in accordance with the international hot work standard. 


Product and dimensions

  length (m) width (m) thickness (mm)
WELD CUSH 500 500 20 0.5 0.5 19
WELD CUSH 500 1000 20 0.5  1.0  19 
WELD CUSH 1000 1000 20 1.0 1.0 19
WELD CUSH 1000 1500 20 1.0 1.5 19

other dimensions to order


Color: white / gray
Insulation density: 130 / kg/ m3



The technical data shows the approximate area of product use and must not be regarded as a warranty. Caution and control when performing hot work are always necessary. 


Technical data 

WELD_CUSH_20_Tehnični list (.pdf 426KB) 


Fabric ALF

Weaving plain 500 gr/m2
Thickness mm 0.7
Thermal resistance 1390°C
70%/30% Al2O3 / SiO2



Densitykg/m3  150
Thickness mm 12
Content  %   94-96 SiO2
Thermal resistance   1000°C
Certificates   ISO 1887
Module B building   No.114.563
Heat conductivity  W/mK 850°C 0,19


Fabric glass aluminized   

Weaving  plain 300 gr/m2
Thickness mm 0.25
Composition E glass / aluminum
Thermal resistance   550°C
Aluminum foil   20 micron


CARBO oxide acrylon. carbon fibers

Weight gr/m2 200
Thickness mm 5
Breaking point  N/5cm   90
Air permeability  l/m2/s 200pa 1400
Composition carbon 62%
  nitrogen 21.5%
  oxygen 12%
Electrical resistance  Ohms cm 8 x 10 ⁸
Flammability test oxygen index ISO 4589, ASTM 2863
LOI index %   40+
Fiber size 12 micron


Fabric glass siliconized

Weaving Cr. twill 470 gr/m2
Thickness mm   0.4
Composition   E glass / silicone
Thermal resistance of the fabric 500°C
Thermal resistance of the silicone coating   250°C





Side strip

fiberglass 0.18

Excellent SME certifikat