Welding floor protection saves the floor coating

Welding floor protection prevents the possibility of fire. Too often welding is performed without any proper welding floor protection. The result is a large fire hazard. It is definitely a good decision to invest into welding floor protection because if the fire takes place than material damages are very significant. A relatively small financial investment into a proper welding protection blanket can therefore significantly reduce your cost which can occur during fire accidents. Welding blanket material protects the floor and so minimizes the hazard of fire. Our welding heat blanket is made according to all the standards necessary to obey in order to produce a heavy duty welding blanket. We offer also welding protection curtains and welding safety clothing which are the very best in the market.


Welding floor protectionWelding floor protection is a state of the art product

Our welding floor protection is the best possible welding blanket material. Our welding protection blanket is a multilayer thermal protection made from annealed carbon fibers in combination with linen that is fire resistant. Therefore, our welding heat blanket is a superior barrier against open fire, liquid metal and hot particles. Our heavy duty welding blanket is welcomed by workers dealing with hot work and owners of the inventory as well.


Welding blanket material is made according to the standards

Our welding protection blankets are soft but durable. Classical protective coverings have much shorter life span than our welding protection blankets. Therefore we offer welding protection blankets that are above the average offer that can be usually found in the market. Welding blanket materials that we offer are made in accordance with all international standards for use in high temperatures. Our welding blanket materials are made by distinguished European and American producers. Our welding floor protection also consists of protective covers that are made of one or multiple layers of high-quality silica linen, coated with an additional high temperature coating.

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