Welding protection curtain to prevent the damage

Welding protection curtain and welding floor protection are the products which are essential in the prevention of a fire. In the absence of welding protection curtain it is more likely that fire would spread. Fire is one of the omnipresent hazards in welding and the best protection against it is, of course, welding protection curtain. For special needs and conditions a retractable weld curtains could be used. Welder’s curtains are welcome not only by owners of the inventory but also by workers dealing with hot work. Welding drapes we offer are the best welding spatter protection.


Welding protection curtainWelding protection curtain that is highly appreciated

Our company produces welding protection curtains of highest quality. Our customers value our highly competent multi-layer thermal protection made from annealed carbon fibers in combination with fire resistant linen. It is a superior welding spatter protection. Our retractable weld curtains are soft but durable. The life span of our welder’s curtain is significantly longer than classical protective coverings. If you to wish to purchase our superior retractable weld curtains that are perfect welding spatter protection, we kindly ask you to make contact with us.


Retractable weld curtains very important for your business

Hot work is on many occasions done without the appropriate welding spatter protection. The benefit of retractable weld curtains is to diminish fire hazard. If there is a fire within your premises, the cost of the damage is huge in comparison with the cost of purchasing welding drapes at the right time. This is most surely before the process of welding takes place. The cost of welding protection curtains is therefore a smart investment that pays out for the first time the fire, which could be spread easily, is prevented. If you want the very best welding spatter protection, we are the appropriate business partner to turn to.

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